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Music & Lyrics: C. Sclafani

You can try to steer the conversation
You can tell me what you gonna do
Fall for a superstition
Or surrender to the truth

You can preach from the top of your mountain
You can prophecies of things to come
Pour out into the streets
Or scream at the top of your lungs

Here I am
And hell yeah
I’m all fired up

You can reach higher and higher
Or you can let it crawl under your skin
It’s the start of a revolution,
Or the beginning of the end

Here I am
And hell yeah
I’m all fired up


RELEASE DATE: 11/10/23 (Wiser Time Music)

Executive Producer: Carmen Sclafani
Produced by: Wiser Time
Mixed by: Tom Camuso at Studio E, Brooklyn, NY
Mastered by: Joe Lambert at JLM, Jersey City, NJ
Art & Design: Carmen Sclafani

Rob Clores: B3 & Sounds
Steve Decker: Drums
Andy Hess: Bass
Carmen Sclafani: Guitars & Vocals